Marketplace and Cash Rewards

Can I use my cash rewards towards any purchase?
Cash off Rewards can be used on most purchases, however, some exclusions apply. Cash off Rewards cannot be redeemed on certain items like alcohol, tobacco, ...
How often do rewards change in the Marketplace?
We want to give you as many free grocery options as possible, so the Rewards Marketplace will be updated seasonally.
Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can reserve a reward in the Marketplace?
Yes, each item in Rewards Marketplace may be reserved up to 5 times as long as you have enough points.  
I tried to collect my reserved reward at the store and it was out of stock. Can I get a raincheck?
We are sorry to hear that happened! In some cases, if a store no longer has the item that you reserved through the Rewards Marketplace, the store may substi...